Much has been said about leadership in recent years, both in the secular and religious world. The need for good leadership is obvious and never more so than in local churches.

Churches need shepherds, bishops, overseers, elders, leaders, guides, and helpers for the Lord ordained that men should be willing to serve as such.

Leaders lead by example. They are doers. No one has to be standing behind them prodding them to get the work done. (This does not mean that some encouragement cannot be helpful.)

But even if there is little if any encouragement from the flock, they will be serving and working for the Lord. They know they will be rewarded by Him.

They provide some direction for the rest of the members. They are respected, even when decisions are made that not all may agree with.

They care for and love people. As shepherds, they know the sheep and the sheep know their voice.

Without good leadership, churches just wander in the wilderness of business meetings where the immature and carnal minded lead by word. 

And preaching is not nearly as affective as it could be with good leadership that is supportive of sound and strong preaching.

Should we pray for leadership? Do we hope that some will move in and provide it where it doesn't exist?

Or should we be talking about it more and encouraging men to value the role of elders?

The older, who are not qualified and never will be, should be encouraging the younger to desire the work and then be willing to appoint and support those who are qualified.

Leadership. It is absolutely necessary if a local church is going to be all that it can be. 


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