“Is There Any Good News?!”

We wouldn't think so if all we did was watch and read the news. These are sad times, challenging times for sure. But are these times worse than any other time in history? Depends on our perspective. I do know that evil has always existed, at least, from the days of Adam and Eve. People choose to do ungodly things. And we hear about them so much. I read were some wonder if our minds are made to handle all the bad stuff that goes on around us. One young lady told me she watched the news all day long and was SO depressed. But is it all that bad? As sad as the recent shooting is that took place in Antioch where some Christians meet for worship, there were hundreds of churches that met on that same day where no shootings took place. But we only hear about the bad. So are we allowing the media to influence our thinking and more importantly our attitudes?

The gospel of Jesus is still good news in any time and any place. It is a message of hope and salvation. And the message helps us adjust our attitudes. Evil times can cause our love to grow cold. (see Matt. 24:12) Let's choose rather to love and to share the good news of Jesus and to let our lights shine in such a dark time as this. 



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