About Us

About Us

We are a group of Christians who work and worship together on the west side of Nashville.

Our meeting place is just about one mile off of Interstate 40 (exit 199).

There are about 60 of us who range in ages from 2 to 90.  

On Sundays, we meet to eat the Lord's Supper, to pray together, to take up a collection, to sing and to teach.  The goal is to worship God and to edify one another.

We use our treasury to help support evangelists both here and in other places around world, to take care of the benevolent needs of brothers and sisters in Christ here and elsewhere and to maintain a place to worship and study.

Marlin Chapman and Shannon Crawford are serving as our elders/pastors. 



  1. Wed PM Bible Study
    7/28/21 07:00pm
  2. Sun AM Bible Classes
    8/1/21 09:00am
  3. Sun AM Worship
    8/1/21 10:00am
  4. Sun PM Worship
    8/1/21 05:00pm
  5. Wed PM Bible Study
    8/4/21 07:00pm
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